Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 27

As planned, the friendly plumber arrived and installed the taps & pipe-work for the sinks and the gas hob. Here they are. The joiner should arrive tomorrow to complete the installation of the splash back panels and one more cupboard and glass shelving if it all arrives in time. Looks like snow is here for a few days so this might delay things a bit.

We are nearly there! It won't look right untill the new flooring is layed on the 23rd February. BUT after that we still have the skirtings and kickplates to install and then painted before we can say it is fully commissioned and ready for operational handover to the user. I wrote the OTP's ages ago and we have completed most of the handovers for the equipment but until the operator signs the completion certificate I am having sleepless nights. LOL << Sorry, I just coudn't resist going back to a time when I was commissioning plant for TOTAL.


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