Sunday, January 21, 2007

Days 6 to 12

Its been a week since my last entry because things have slowed down quite a bit now as we are waiting for the new Worktop to be specially manufacured for the kitchen.

During the last week we got the Fridge / Freezer installed, the washing machine and oven connected and some painting of the walls and ceiling done. The 2 new radiators were also hooked up.

We had a minor drama during the weekend when the radiator in the living room stopped working. After 2 days without heat in the living room, the temperature falling to 16C and only 2C outside I decided to look for the problem. With the help of a friend we found out that there must be some sludge blocking the inlet or outle valves and with a little bit of thought we managed to flow water out through the vent valve. This moved the sludge away from the valves. Success! We now have heat again.

We are now waiting for Bob to complete the patio door outside works, the installation of the new worktop and gas hob and the laying of the floor tiles and kick plates. It will be 3 more weeks before we are finally in our new kitchen but it should be worth all the effort.


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