Thursday, January 11, 2007


Thursday 11th : Today was more eventful .

The plumber installing the new gas hob informed me that the gas main pressure in the house was too high. Obviously this can be dangerous so I called my gas supplier and before I knew it a gas engineer was at the door to look at the problem. Ten minutes later he had replaced the gas
regulator and checked out my central gas-heating boiler for safe exhaust fumes and then left. I am very impressed with Transco.

I am not so impressed with YULE Glass Company! They have failed to deliver the patio window on time and now Bob the builder is held up. It also means that the Fridge Freezer doors will have to come off to get it through the kitchen door that is not as wide as the new patio door. The delivery date was 8th January. So much for service!?! If you are reading this, Mr Yule, I am not a happy chappy!

We have also got a temporary sink installed. This is really great. Try living without a sink for three days and you will know what I mean. We need the temporary sink because the new work surfaces have to be specially made to measure to fit the kitchen. Hence the reason we require some temporary work surfaces and a sink while the new work surfaces are manufactured.

All the electrical appliances are installed apart from the fridge freezer. The gas hob will not be installed until we get our new work surfaces installed but we will have an oven, grill and microwave oven to get us by in the mean time.


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