Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today the plumber installed the new central heating radiators in the hall and kitchen. The joiner installed the wall cabinets but because one wall was not straight he took some time to get the cabinets to fit correctly. One bigger problem is that it seems that the designer did not get the height of the central support beam correct when measuring the kitchen with the result that one of our wall cabinets will not be able to be opened once it is cut into shape. The joiner and the designer are going to look for a resolution tomorrow. Otherwise everything is going well.

The new patio door has not arrived from the supplier but my building contractor, Bob, got on with stripping the brickwork and plasterboard from below the present window in preparation for fitting the new door. Lets hope it arrives tomorrow!

We spent the day out and visited Banchory in Deeside with friends for a light lunch. In the evening we were invited to Claire and Ferruccio's home for our meal so that we did not have to cook at home today.


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